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    "Spirit of the Forest"- Brianna Gilmartin 2013



    Done with watercolor and ink.

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    • Guy: Your glasses can’t be bad—you just got them!
    • Girl: Yeah, but I cheated on the eye exam, so it’s really my own fault.
    • Guy: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
    • Girl: I’m very competitive.
  3. Mi felicidad consiste en que sé apreciar lo que tengo y no deseo con exceso lo que no tengo.

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  4. Blockquotes are GO!

    The one thing I am not quite sure how to solve is the lack of blockquote styling in the theme. Or, rather, it’s not showing up if it’s in there. You can see in my top-most post, where I reblogged a friend’s post. Everything below the first sentence should show up as a blockquote.

  5. 'Ahoy There Matey!' An excellent pirate wallpaper from the talented folks at Artcore! Available in various sizes from desktop to mobile. http://blog.artcore-illustrations.de/wallpaper/

  6. A big song from 2011!

    • Homer: This family has held me back long enough - I'm going to clown school!'
    • Bart: I don't think any of us expected him to say that.
  7. Another fine wallpaper from the folks at Artcore. Bear Wallpaper is available from http://blog.artcore-illustrations.de/wallpaper/

  8. A sample of the music I listened to whilst creating and coding this theme. Find more on Fabian’s Soundcloud page.

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